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Our mission is to give  This site serves an entry portal for those interested in basic and applied genetics and genomics research of Ictalurid catfish. Molecular data generated by the efforts of the Auburn University Fish Genetics Laboratory, the Catfish Genetics Research Unit in Stoneville, MS, and a host of smaller labs, will be presented here in a searchable, integrated format.Catfish Community Links and Resources

Auburn University Fisheries Department

Catfish Genetics Research Unit--Stoneville, MS

U.S. Farm-Raised Catfish

National Animal Genome Research Program (NRSP-8)


10/2010 Catfish Genome Database paper is available online. See here for details.

1/2010 Whole genome sequencing of catfish underway. See here for details.

1/2010 Community-based gene sequencing project results published in Genome Biology. See here for details.

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Zebrafish Gbrowse
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